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Buying a New Machine


If you have chosen not to repair your Washing Machine you will no doubt be in the market for a new machine. Below are some things to think about when choosing your next Washing Machine.

How many are you washing for?

Do you do mostly very dirty washing?

Do you do a lot of delicate washing?

Do you want to conserve water?

How much time do you have to do a cycle?

Basically there are three types of machines, twin tubs, top loaders and front loaders. Twin tubs are not as popular as they used to be due to the time involved in manually swapping the washing from the wash to the spin tub but are good if you want to conserve water.

The modern automatic washers have cycles designed to wash the new delicate fabrics that we now wear. They have options for selecting different wash and spin speeds, water temperatures and automatic water level sensors.

The top loading machines are available in small, medium, large and light commercial sizes. The small machines are okay for 1—2 persons, the medium for 3—4 and the large for more than 4. Next we have the commercial type machines, very strong, very heavy and great if you have a lot of heavy duty washing (especially small boys). Yes these machines will probably last longer but remember they will cost more to buy and repair and being heavy duty are not for those of you who have two teenage girls with frilly delicate clothes.

Lastly we have the front loaders, very thorough and very gentle on delicates and washable woolens etc. They are low on water usage, compact and can have a dryer stacked on top. They do however take a lot longer to complete a cycle than a top loader. Some will have a fast wash cycle but usually the amount you can put in the machine on this cycle is a lot less than what the machine is rated at.

One thing to remember whichever type of machine you choose is not to use too much soap or fabric softener. Too much soap will eat away at some parts of the machine and can cause major problems down the track. It will also along with fabric softener build up in the machine and may cause marks to appear on the washing. Cleaning your machine regularly with Scalex Plus can prolong the life of your machine.

If you use fabric softener, try cutting down on the amount of soap powder and you will find that you may not need to use fabric softener at all, if you do wish to use some we recommend that you dilute it first.

From a repairers point of view we would recommend buying a local brand as generally we find that the availability of parts is better as well as the after sales service. There are usually warranty agents in most areas and the cost to repair is a lot less than European brands.

Front Loaders versus Top Loaders comes down to personal preference both have their good and bad points and both have their common problems repair wise.

If you were happy with our service and would like to purchase a machine that we are an Authorised Service Centre for please see the list of companies that we are warranty agents for on Warranty Services page. If you have decided to purchase a different brand our advice would be to make sure there is an agent in your area before purchasing and ring and enquire about availability and cost of parts.

If you are after a reconditioned machine please call us on 9791 1821 to see what we have available or click here to send your enquiry by email.

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